How do i file a complaint against a car repair in california?

If you are unable to resolve the complaint satisfactorily, contact the BBB where the vehicle was repaired. You can also contact your local consumer protection office or the state attorney general's office. If the mechanic who performed the work is ASE certified, ASE can take action if enough complaints have been filed. If you think you were scammed by an auto repair company in California, you can file a complaint with the state Auto Repair Office.

They are also required to do the repairs they say they will do and to do them correctly in order for their car to work as it should when you leave. If you are not satisfied with the repair, you can file a complaint with the Automotive Repair Office online, by mail, or fax. After you file your complaint, a state investigator will contact you and ask you to explain why you're not satisfied. If there is documented evidence of fraud, the agency can file criminal charges against the auto repair company.

If it's poor quality work, the investigator can negotiate with the store on your behalf to try to reach an agreement on how to correct the situation. I called that number this morning. Much to my surprise, a cheerful and real person answered my call on the first doorbell. Who could imagine calling a California state agency and getting a human being alive on the first try? It turns out that this agency is funded through licenses and permits, so it's not as simple as other state agencies, which means that real people answer the phone and investigate your complaints.

The researcher will also ask you what will make things right for you, so be prepared to say so. The agency, under the jurisdiction of California. Consumer Affairs doesn't deal with insurance issues, so if you have problems with your insurance company about a repair, they'll refer you to another location. Also, if you want to complain about a car repair in another state, sorry, you're out of luck.

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If the auto repair shop is BBB accredited and doesn't respond to a BBB complaint, your accreditation may be revoked and the complaint will become part of your BBB profile. If you decide to sue the auto repair shop for small claims, you can request (subpoena) that the Auto Repair Office submit your records to the court before the hearing. The Office of Auto Repair has described your rights as a consumer when dealing with auto repair shops, read the guide here. They issue licenses, investigate consumer complaints and enforce the rules that auto repair shops must follow.

The auto repair shop will be asked to respond within 14 days and, if no response is received, a second request will be made. You will be notified of the auto repair shop's response when BBB receives it (or you'll be notified that there was no response). A BAR representative will review your complaint and determine if the auto repair shop may have violated the Auto Repair Act or other laws that regulate auto repair shops. If the auto repair shop is not accredited by the BBB, the complaint will become part of your BBB profile.


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