Who services audi near me?

Good work, done in a timely manner, professionalism. They have always solved problems with the first visit. They are very professional, courteous and accommodating. Paul is extremely helpful, knowledgeable and honest.

However, since my purchase this fall, my experience with this Audi branch has not been pleasant at all. There has been a list of problems with my vehicle during the first month of ownership that I was confident Audi Hawthorne would fix. Especially considering that I paid for the car in full and bought the certified second-hand warranty (THINK TWICE BEFORE THIS OPTION, AS AUDI TRIES TO SUBTLY WEAVE MANY ITEMS NOT COVERED). Needless to say, I think the inspection of more than 300 points that Audi claims to carry out as part of this offer is probably a farce.

It's been about 2 months since I bought my car and I haven't been able to drive it without problems to this day. I have made several trips back to this dealership and have received many calls back and forth about a growing list of vehicle-related problems that culminate in the deactivation of the car's safety features. The miscalibration of the “Audi Pre-Sense” software, owned by Audi, is supposedly the main reason why the lights on my dashboard don't work properly, the traffic warning mechanisms are broken and my airbags don't deploy. Audi Hawthorne claims that the cost of the repair is hundreds of dollars, but they cannot identify the cause of the problem and even assuming that you continue to drive responsibly, they cannot guarantee that this will not happen in perpetuity.

Since I've owned the car for 2 months, I'm not only concerned about my safety and that of the passengers in the car, but also why Audi doesn't see the harm of seeking funds from someone who just bought a vehicle (in its entirety) when it can't explain the reason the car requires extensive vehicle service so close to the date of purchase. I would have thought that this Hawthorne branch would prioritize customer safety over small corporate profits, but it seems I was sadly wrong. Several family members have been Audi drivers for a decade or more, but have used the Mohegan Lake Audi branch. They were horrified to learn about Audi Hawthorne's decision-making so far, as their experience has been a delight elsewhere over the years.

I really hope that things will turn around when it comes to my first experience as an Audi buyer. This dealership has a dual personality, the sales side is. We offer the highest quality Audi service and repair in Brooklyn, New York and the surrounding area. Atlantic Audi provides such excellent service that I drive more than 50 miles to do my repairs instead of 60 blocks to do them in Bay Ridge.

Regular maintenance is key to protecting the performance of your Audi and a full service history could also improve the future resale value of your Audi.

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